Thursday, December 20, 2012

Purchases ~ Early Christmas Gifts : Superdrug, Rimmel London, NYC Cosmetics and Wynie

'I want to share a few early Christmas Gifts today. During the past weeks I picked these things up because I really, really want them. So let's take a look.'

'On my first shoppingday I came home with two bodybutters from my local Trekpleister. All Superdrug items where buy one get one half off. The Vitamin E All Over Body Butter is normally 2,29, the Coconut & Sheabutter one is normally 2,50. I got both for 3,65. The Vitamin E one is a little more rich and smooth... I love that one for on my feet.'

'I also picked up this Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in #04, one of the most wanted lipstick colors. It's an blue toned, creamy color without shimmers, pearl or metallics in it. The Dutch Rimmel Facebook says it's called Royal Purple, but to be honest, I'm not sure about that. On the display it says something else... which doesn't pop into my mind right now. Anyway, I payed 9,50. Pretty pricey for Rimmel, if you look to what it cost in the USA. But it's an long wanted color, what makes it totally worth it. I think this purple is pretty unique. Lip swatch is coming up soon.'

'My second shopping trip gave me two mascara's by NYC and this Wynie Eyeshadowpalette. All NYC products where also buy one get the second one half off, so I picked two mascara's. The City Curls is normally 2,99, and the Showtime mascara is normally 1,99. For both I payed only 2,50. I searched for some reviews, and the Showtime one looks promising. We shall see.'

'Then I found this Wynie Eyeshadowpalette at my local 1001 Voordeelshop. It was 5,99, and I had to think of it for a while. But you know what, I tried allready some Wynie Single ES, and I love them, so why shouldn't a Wynie ES palette not be good? So I told myself... I didn't swatch it yet, but I promise I will do it soon along with an eye look. You could choose between two of the Wynie palettes at the 1001 Voordeelshop, and if this one is good, I will for sure buy the other one. I could allready tell you that when you open the lid of this palette, you will smell a typically make up scent. This doesn't bother or annoy me so far. The first white one, and the black ES at the second row are both matte, all the other colors are pearly or shimmer. There are 16 colors in this palette. Can't wait to try these!'

'So far this Early Christmas Gifts post. I will make swatches and/or reviews of these products soon.' 

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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