Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Random Messages ~ Ho, ho, ho... 2012

'It's the season again... oh boy, 2012 is almost history... Past year around this time, I had to deal with Christmas (grocery) shopping at the very last time, cause my fiance ended up in the hospital around past year holidays. I'm so happy he is home this year, because we where done with Christmas (grocery) shopping one day for Christmas. I had one day for relaxing, which was great. No grief or stress this year, I love it. And we decorated our Christmas Tree together this year... like so.'
Decorating is way more fun with a beer...
Gizmo is helping us too!
I don't look that lady like here... oh well, you get the idea ^_^
The result ~ Our Christmas Tree!

'Here's a pic of my fiance shot past year before he ended up in the hospital.'
Christmas 2011

'And here's a pic of him shot this year. You can tell, he looks way better, huh. I'm glad he do. Cause I missed him loads. And that's what Christmas is about: being together with family.'
Christmas 2012

'I wish all my readers an very merry Christmas, and an healthy and awesome 2013!'

'Pics are mostly taken by my fiance with our Sony Cybershot Camera Something (I don't know exactly which Sony Camera we have). Thanks honey. And thank you for still being with me after all those years. Love you loads.'

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