Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products December 2012

'I can't believe it, that I did all ready for an whole year Finished Products here on GlitterKitty's ShoppingHunt. Oh my paws... I keep thinking of making also monthly favorites, but I'm afraid that every post about monthly favorites should be the same, because I use my favorites longer then one month. Off course I should make more of my favorites- posts. My little radars all ready are working on that. ^_^ Anyway, here's what I finished during december.'

'First two items I finished are these two products. The first one is an Bath and Showercream by Yves Rocher's Les Plaisirs Nature Line. It's the Pineapple Coconut scent and it's discontinued, cause this was the limited edition this summer. I paid 5 for this huge bottle, and I really loved this scent.
The other item is a mini bottle from an Andrelon Shampoo. You can read the review <here>. It was given to me by Andrelon itself, so I got it for free.'

'I also finished a few make up items. First a mascara by Catrice. It's their Volume Plus Curl one. It was only 3,50, but it doesn't that much for me. The brush is a little curved, which I like, but the consistency is a little too thin for me.
The other make up item is also by Catrice. It's one of their single Eyeshadows in 250 Swimming With Dolphins. It's not totally gone, but that's because of the fact that Catrice Eyeshadows become hard in the pan and the product itself end up greasy and gritty. It was 2,79. I don't want to purchase more Catrice shadows because of that greasy and gritty reason, which I have with every ES I finished of Catrice till now.'

'As always I finished also a few lipbalms. The first is from my local Dutch drugstore Trekpleister. It was only 0,79 and I think this is an okay product. Some cheap lipbalms make my lips more dry, but this one doesn't do that. The balm makes my lips really comfy, but that doesn't last that long like Carmex for example. I couldn't discover any scent to it.
The other lipbalm I got for 1 and it's my go to one by Yves Rocher. Normal catalogue price is 2,50. Yves Rocher changed the package of this lipbalm all ready, and I heard that YR is going to discontinue these kind of lipbalms. Fingers crossed they only change the package again...'

'Lastly finished this month this pink nailfile which I won once, so I got it for free. It worked really well.
The other item is an Yves Rocher Apple Delight Limited Edition (Christmas) Les Plaisirs Nature fizzy Bath Cube. Catalogue price of that was 0,90, and if you're lucky you can still get it. I got mine in a Apple Delight Les Plaisirs Nature set for 9,95 (Including perfume, a bath sponge, giftbag, and Bath And Showergel).'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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