Sunday, December 2, 2012

Purchases ~The Three Lipketeers : NYC Liquid Lipshine, Nivea Gloss Wonderbalm and Baolishi Lipstick

'I started this month with an lippie kick. I had to pick up a few different lip items this first december weekend. I tried to get away with all the Dutch commotion about Sinterklaas, but it failed clearly. I almost  bump onto him at our local grocery mall, grrr. Sinterklaas is an celebration for little children here in Holland. Jups, all those little children should be spoiled on december 5th night with presents and what we called "taai taai", "pepernoten", and candy. After december 5th, we start of with decorating the house for Christmas. In America they have Thanksgiving, Dutchies have Sinterklaas.' ^_^
"Pepernoten" and "Taai Taai"

'Okay, without any further ado, here are my brand new lippies, please welcome them in my lippie family.'

'The first lippie I purchased, was a NYC Liquid Lipshine in Brighton Beach Peach. I have this gloss for a while on my wishlist now, and I thought it should be time for picking it up. Brighton Beach Peach is an slight shimmery coral lipcolor with an hint of an golden sheen. The gloss comes with an applicator, and as you can tell, it's very natural looking on the lips. To me it smells like coconut which I like. The consistency feels very soft, not sticky and I think it looks very nice over coral, peachy or orange lipsticks. It was 2,99 at my local Trekpleister. I hope we get more shades of the NYC Liquid Lipshines, because I want to pick up some more colors.'

'Second lippie I purchased was this Nivea Gloss Wonderbalm in Berry Balm, which I didn't plan on buying it. I literal walked into the Action, and walk against these. First I had my doubts. Some packages aroused some suspicion, cause the consistency looked rotten and stared wickedly to me. Lucky for me I found an sealed package with an smooth looking consistency. It have an soft smell, and it comes in an squeezy tube. It gives me very sheer lips with an minimal berry color, which looks great over (purple) lipsticks. It was 1,29, and I'm thinking of pick up some more in my other local Action. (We have at least 3 Actions here).'

'Then, I couldn't help myself to give my local 1001 Voordeelshop another visit. I picked another Baolishi 24H Lipstick, this time in shade 11 an summery pink color. The Baolishi Lipsticks smells really fruity to me, and these lipsticks last me an surprisely long time. The best part, they are only 1,50, all though you need to like this very girlie, with a wink to little girls package. I thought it's cute, but what really matters is the product. I reviewed #5 <here>, and find my earlier purchase <here>. I googled around a little, and Baolishi makes other kind of lipsticks, so I hope 1001 Voordeelshop stock up on other Baolishi Lipsticks in the future, so that I can try those as well.'

'Finally an overview pick with all my Three Lipketeers swatched. I hope this was a little helpfull. Have a nice sunday.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, please bare with me.'

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