Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wishlists ~ Christmas 2012 Wishlist

'Christmas is lurking around the corner, so it's time for an random Christmas Wishlist. Today it is the perfect day to make one, cause we had snow here in Holland. I'm not sure how happy I am with snow, cause off course, the snow was wet and one big sloppy mess on the streets. Typically Dutch weather. Anyway, let's get on to this wishlist.'

'I mentioned these two books earlier in my Book Wishlist. Wintertime is the perfect time to read a lot, so I had those two to include again. The first one is Preston&Child's Vengeance (in Dutch Koortsdroom) and the other one is Stephen King's Rage (In Dutch Razernij). Pockets retails here in Holland around 7,95 each.'

'Long on my wishlist and also perfect for Christmas is the newest album from Epica. It's called Requiem For The Indifferent, and, as an die hard Epica fan, it's a real shame that I didn't have this album all ready... Cd's retails in Holland around 20.'

'Recently discovered and also on my Wishlist for Christmas: Nicka K eyeshadow palettes. There are way more palettes and products I want from Nicka K, but seems Nicka K don't send it out to Holland yet. So I decided to include only one product picture this time. The Perfect Ten Colors Pallettes are only $3,50.'
Perfect Ten Colors Palette 2 in Boutique

'I had also to include a few Sleek I- Divine eyeshadow Palettes. These are way to gorgeous to keep them out of this wishlist. Sleek Palettes retails by Dutch webshop Alice&Jo for 9,99.'
Ultra Matte Darks

'Then I included a few lipsticks. The first one is by Rimmel, and it's the Kate Moss Lipstick in 04 Royal Purple. I asked Rimmel London Nederland's Facebookpage the actual name of the lipstick, and they told me that it's called Royal Purple. The other one is by L'Oreal. The Kate Moss one is 9,50, and the L'Oreal one is around 15.'

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 04 Royal Purple

L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick in Rock 'n Mauve

'I'm in need for a new teapot, cause mine broke a while ago. For months now, I make my tea straight into the cup, which costs a lot of teabags. My teabags always dry up quikly, and leaves it without any more taste behind, if I want to use them more often. So time for a new teapot. I found one at my local Xenos, which is an home kind of store. They sell a lot domestic items. As you can tell from the pic, the teapot I want comes in a set with two cups and plates, and all together it's only 9,99.'

'I also spotted this chocolate fondue set at the Xenos. I always wanted an chocolate fondue set. I'm an die hard chocolate fan, so I defenately need this. This Chocolate Fondueset is 7,99, but Xenos sells their cheapest one for 5,99.'

'Pics are screenshotted and/ or taken from their owners, so thank you so much!'

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