Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Projects ~ Nailpolish Clean Out January 2014 : Regular Nailpolishes

'Also it's time to put on another Nailpolish Clean out, this time I will disguss a few regular nailpolishes, wich I don't use anymore, or just spoil too much. Here they are.'

'First two polishes I tossed out, are colours from Paris Memmories, a brand from, far as I know, Belgium. The stainpower is really crappy, you need at least 4-5 coats. I have these ones for ages, and I never reach for them. Time to let them go.
Next are two old Rimmel ones. The chocolate one is allready seperating, so these are also ready for the garbage.
Lastly, this Safari one. I got this one not so long ago, and is with that the youngest I have to toss out. This polish thickened up so badly, it's not even funny, so byebye as well.'

'Then two very, very very ancient kind of Sally Hansen Bottles. I used these a lot, and I really liked these, but... it's time to go. Cause they really smell old.  Still no tears, Big Bazar is selling Sally Hansen sometimes...'

'Then I few very old Action Nailpolishes. The black one is dried up after all those years, the yellow one I reviewed <here>, and will be handed over to somebody else.'

'Lastly a couple of polishes I will also handing over to people on Facebook soon. If I don't giveaway every now and then polishes, I will drown into nailpolish, lol. The brands are KOH, Rimmel and John F. Gee.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone so bare with me.'

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