Friday, January 17, 2014

Reviews ~ Pink Tease Lipsticks In Depth (Big Bazar)

'A while back, I purchased one lipstick from budget brand Pink Tease, wich are available at the Big Bazar for only 0,99. Time to give you a review in depth about these lipsticks, cause I purchased a few more. I also back upped a colour at this point by accident, and I totally don't mind.'
The other batch, with a different package

'What I love about these lipsticks is the fact that they don't have an annoying scent. Actually they don't smell at all. Also, the stainpower and colour pay off are incredible. It takes me a good 3 hours before the colours are fading on me, and for just one euro, you can't complain. The package is cheap looking, but it's sturdy. I kept a few colours in my purse, and they didn't crack or break into there, so that's defenately a plus. Another good thing is the fact that you don't feel them on the lips, even when you smeared a big layer on.'
Dry lips here, trust me this color looks better with smooth lips
Sometimes you need to layer them up... this one I used for the 1st time

'The coverage of these lipsticks are pretty good. There's only one little complain about the lipstick. If you have pretty dry lips, the product has the incline to set into the lines of your lips. If you have well moisturized lips, there's nothing to complain about the consistency. '
Incredible soft and pigmented one
Rich pigmentation

'I think this product is an good bargain. You can try several colours, and if the colour is a miss, there's not much lost. I only think the fact that the lipsticks don't carry names or numbers is a little bit odd, but the most annoying part is that I have lipsticks out of 2 different batches. So the brand deals with batchnumbers, wich could be confusing if you're searching for the same colour again. Another strange thing is that the package did change a little between batches, but the quality is the same. Overall I think these lipsticks aren't that bad. Specially for the price.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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