Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wishlists ~ BH Cosmetics

'I have a few shopping ideas for the brand BH Cosmetics. The only down thing are the shippingcosts: To Holland you pay quikly a $15,95 for only shipping the parcel. But their products are looking great. Do you agree?'

'First, a few eyeshadowpalettes wich caught my eyes. Look at the prices, they are awesome.'You can also costumize your own palette, like I also did. My customized palette will cost $14,55. Amazing... now I really wish that the shipping wasn't that expensive...'

'Next up Nailpolish sets! Omfgh... My first name is Saskia, and some people are calling me Sas. So, I was really surprised that one of their purple polishes is called Sass... how cool is that.... The other cool thing, you can buy these in sets of 10.... 10 awesome nailpolish colours for such an cool price...'

'I also found cream lipsticks for $3,50 each. The colours Tea Time, Forever Nude, and Pop Cultured are sounding really cool. And I read good reviews of them, so bring it on!'

'Pics are screenshotted from BH Cosmetics.'

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