Friday, January 31, 2014

Reviews ~ Finished Products January 2014

'The first month from 2014 is a fact, what means: time for another Finished Products Post. I finished a few big products this time. Shall we?'

'First finished thing on the list, is a showergel from Yves Rocher from their Monoï De Tahiti line. I'm not sure how much I paid for it, should be no more then €2, and I love this showergel. It smells so exotic. Lovely.
Next up is an Etos handcream. Etos is an Dutch Drugstore, and I paid around €2 for this cream. I find this cream one of my favorite cheap creams.
I also finished an Dutch Drugstore Kruidvat Body Butter in Coconut and Sheabutter. I won this past year, and I bought this earlier by myself for €2,50. I think the Superdrug one is way better, cause this one is a little stiff in texture. The Superdrug one is way more creamy.'

'The a free sample of the Kneipp showergel, wich I reviewed <here>.
I also finished a few lipproducts, wich are the Catrice Lipstick in Maroon 20. I'm not sure if this shade is still available for €3,99, but I think I like Ginger And Fred better nowadays. For a full look on these lipsticks, please click <here>.
Also finished this Nivea Wonderbalm gloss in a berry color. Bought it a while back at the Action for €1,29, but it's too shiny to me. It's moisturizing, that was a plus. I swear the tube is finished. On the photo it looks not, but I don't get more out.
Lastly a free sample of Yves Rocher's Anti Age Global Serum, wich worked fine to me.'

'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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