Saturday, January 11, 2014

Projects ~ Nailpolish Cleanout January 2014 : Top Coats & Base Coats

'I decided to do another clean out. My last clean out was in January last year for eyeshadows, and I didn't one for nailpolishes in a while. For now I only tossed out a few very, very, very old base and topcoats. Let's take a look into this.'

'First goopyness bottle is a topcoat by OPI. To be honest, this bottle is at least five years old, and one big blob in the bottle. I do like the basecoat from OPI more, cause the basecoat I own from OPI is just as old as the topcoat: at least five years.
Then we have a top and basecoat from LA Colors. I got this also a long while back, when winning an Nail Art Contest. Loads of the product spill in the package, so this one was messy very quikly. The liquid is very hard to get out of the bottle, so for this one it's time to go as well.
Then two Catrice products from their old range. I'm kinda sad that I have to let go their Nail Expert Basecoat, cause finally this thing became goopy. I really like the smoothening formula of this. Only thickness is coming out of the bottle right now. The other Nail Expert product is the Grow Support. This thing stinks, and is no fun to use anymore.
Lastly an Matte Topcoat from Essence. Just used this two times, and now it's thickening in the bottle. I'm not a big big fan of matte nails, so this have to go too. I still try to use my Catrice Matte Topcoat. We will see how far that one goes.'

'Pics are taken by myzelf with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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