Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ask Glitterkitty ~ Q&A : GlitterKitty on Youtube

'Time for another Ask GlitterKitty post. This time I'm going to talk about some Questions and Answers about GlitterKitty On Youtube.'

1. What's you're Youtube Channel? And when did you start with Youtube?
'I'm Youtuber epicafan911. I started my channel in 2007.'

2. What sort of video's do you make the most?
'I make video's about Nail Art, Nail Related, and sometimes Make Up video's. I do also sometimes Concert video's, Reviews (Beauty Related), and I could be very random.'

3. How did you start with Youtube?
'I started because of a few video's about my daughter, and because I wanted to share a few awesome concerts in 2007/ 2008.'

4. With what kind of Beauty Video's did you start?
'I start mostly with Lipsmacker video's and DIY Stampingmachine Video's, you know, to stamp with a machine designs on the nails.'

5. Which person (s) on Youtube did inspire you to make Nail Art video's?
'I start with watching Nail Art video's from mayparis and LOVE4NAILS. Later on, I discovered Nail Art through IHaveACupcakemadamluck, and so on.'

6. Who is your favorite Nail Art Guru?
'Ouch that's a hard one. I love JaeMarie2008, configure1973, madamluck, Cajanails, UnderTheLilyShadow, mirlidnailart, LadyNailz, Pinkangell3, Aoana, ArtisticNailArt, and CreativeNailArt. Probably I forgot so many of those awesome girls from that little Nail Art World.' ^_^

7. Which Youtuber did you discover recently, and what was it that you subbed?
'Youtuber jettja is the one I did discover recently. I was searching for Nicka K Lipstick swatches, and I came across her video. I watched a few more of her, and I though, "Oh, she's a nice lady..." and then I subbed. I watched most of her video's. She makes Beauty Related, Cooking Video's and shared also a few lessons from her life. I also want to mention, that she have a hidden giveaway going on right now. Just sub to her, or if you're all ready subbed: watch her Random Video's for a change to find her hidden giveaway!' ^_^

8. Which person (s) on Youtube did inspire you to make Make Up video's?
'That was TalkinMakeUp for sure! She put on a video about colorful make up. She inspired me not to be afraid about popping colors on the lid, and because of her, I started to like colorful make up. With that I put my first colorful eye make up look on my channel. Now I realize that I need to make more make up looks on my channel. I do it here all the time, why not shot video's?'

9. Who is your favorite Beauty Guru?
'That should be QueenOfBlendingMUA. She is honoring her name very well: she IS a queen of blending. And she's pretty funny too. HollyWoodNoirMakeUp is another good one to me.'

10. What do you not so like about Youtube?
'Haters! Or people who like to troll... that's why I like to approve comments first, and I also disable all thumbs up or down, because I don't see the point of an thumbs up or down. I mean, you want at least an motivation why a vid is good or bad, right? I also don't like the lay out at the moment, and the people who spam me with mails like 'Get-more-subscribers-dot-com-crap. It's an honor to get subscribers, but I don't want to force people to like my channel!'

'That's it! If you have an Youtube Channel, please feel free to answer the questions as well. It's not really a tag, but who know it become one.'

'Video's belong to my Youtube Channel, and are a part of me.'

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