Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WishLists ~ Small Catrice Lippie Wishes

'When Catrice discontinued their Colourshow Lipglosses, I cried. These lipglosses are one of my favorite lipglosses, and believe me, I don't have loads of favorite lipglosses, cause I'm more an lipstick person.'

'Now, Catrice came out with their newest lip glosses, the Infinite Shine Lipgloss. My eye went caught by a few colors I want to try. Hopefully they cover my lips really well, like the Colourshow glosses did. The Infinite Shine Lipglosses should be 2,99.'
030 Rose, Would You?
070 Very Very Raspberry
100 Peach On The Beach

'I also noticed a few new Ultimate Colour Lipsticks, which I want to try out. I'm also a big fan of these lipsticks. Ultimate Colour Lipsticks are 3,99.'
240 Hey Nude
250 Matt About Pink

'Pics are screenshotted from Catrice.'

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