Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reviews ~ 88 Color Matte Pearlescent Eyeshadow Palette from T-Mart

'Two days ago I got my belate Christmas Present from my fiance in the mail. He ordered the 88 Color Matte Pearlescent Eyeshadow Palette for me two days for Christmas at T-Mart (see a T-Mart wishlist <here>). It was an quik decision, but the package came quiker: It had to come all the way back from Hong Kong. The palette was only 8,65, without shipping costs, which is absolutely awesome. Because this isn't an purchase of mine, but an Christmas Present from my fiance, I decided to put it immediately on here on GlitterKitty's ShoppingHunt as an review.'

First thoughts about the package of the palette.
'T-Mart did an excellent job if we talk about packaging. After opening the bubble wrap envelope where it came in, T-Mart wrapped it also with 2-3 extra layers of bubble wrap. The palette itself is packaged by an black box, which contains a list of ingredients at the back of that box. When you pull the palette out of the box, there's more bubble wrap. I was very happy to see that no eyeshadow has been cracked or broken, so good job on package, T-Mart!'

First thoughts about random swatches with my fingers.
'First I swatched a few colors here and there randomly. I immediately noticed that you don't need this palette for the neutrals. On the T-Mart site the palette got 4 out of 5 stars, and I could see why. Some shadows are a little on the hard side, some are softer and with that more pigmented then the harder ones. However, if you warm up the harder shadows a bit, everything seems to be fine. I want to recommend you to use an eyeshadow base or primer anyway.'

The swatches.
'The next day I did swatches of all 88 colors. The first 4-5 rows where very hard to swatch with my fingers, so I used for the harder ones q-tips. Some colors are more pigmented then others. I was happy to see that row 6-11, the other half of the palette basicly, are better pigmented, and easier to work with, which you can see back on the pics. Row 10, the taupe colors, seems to be not so pigmented, but trust me, these are better pigmented then the neutrals at row 1 and 2. Swatches are done without any eye bases or primers.'

A few looks.
'Then I did a few looks. Started with the neutral one. I noticed that the neutral colors easier apply with a brush. As you can see the brush contains more pigment then when you only swatch it by finger. When applied on the lid, nothing's really wrong with the product. I also did a look with a few purples, which came out very pretty and colorful. You can see at the purple look that some colors look a little the same, so I think you get the most fun and colorful looks by combining a purple with an green for example. I had no trouble by applying the colors on my lids. I used my brushes, I don't recommend you to apply the colors by finger, cause then some colors hardly show up. Therefore, I think that these shadows are build able as well. Looks done with an eye shadow base by Essence.'

The palette after swatching.
'After swatching, I noticed how different the pans look like. One is more digged in then others, some got an color changed haze after I digged in with an q-tip. Which tells the different between those shadows again: Some are a little on the hard side, and with that less pigmented then others. I think, If you know your shadows in this palette, it shouldn't be an huge problem. Think of the fact that the shadows are for on the eye lids, not on your fist, that they are build able and that they look probably better when used an eye base or primer.'

'Not the best palette, but you can work with it for sure. Colors are build able. Some have an good pigmentation, others have an hard consistency which doesn't their pigmentation any justice. Maybe 20 aren't that great, but most shadows aren't that bad. If you're on the hunt for good neutrals, I don't want to recommend you this palette, however, if you're on the hunt for a few colors to try out, go ahead and purchase it. For the ridiculous low price, you  can't beat it!'

For purchasing any (eye shadow) palette from T-Mart, click <here>.

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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