Saturday, January 19, 2013

Purchases ~ January Randomness: Shopping at Action and Etos

'Time to share with you a few random things I bought in January. I went out to Dutch cheap store Action, but I had also to pay Dutch drugstore Etos.'

'My first stop this month was at the Dutch Action. Reason for me to go was because of their ridiculous low priced BB Cream for only 1,50. I also came across Inecto Pure Coconut Lipbalms for only 0,98 a piece. I love Inecto products. I almost tried their whole beauty range, except for their lipbalms, so I had to have these.'

'Okay, let's take a closer look at the BB Cream. The amount of product is 25g, and the color I picked is Light. You can also buy this in Medium or Dark. I think Light match my skin tone the best.'

Max BB Cream Skin Protection 3-in-1 Cream ~ "Max BB (Blemish Balm) cream is a combination of a moisturizer and a foundation. It mattifies,  hydrates, smoothens pores and imperfections and protect against the sun."

'I'm going to review this product soon.'

'Then the Inecto Pure Coconut Lipbalms. After getting rid of the blisters, I sniffed one of them, and I must say that these smell really nice.'

Inecto Pure Coconut Lipbalm ~ "Contains 100% pure coconut oil to moisturise dry lips, leaving them soft and hydrated."

'Like you maybe noticed, I use lipbalm like crazy. I finish at least one a month, so this should be a nice add to my lipbalm collection. Especially because I'm running out fast of lipbalms. I want to review them soon as possible.'

'I also picked up a Max Nails Nailpolish in Apple Green. It was 0,49, the cheapest nailpolish I ever known. The day after taking these swatch pics, it started to chip. I only used one coat here, so it turned out that bad. It only doesn't stay on that long. Better use an good topcoat over it, along with two coats in stead of only one. Excuse me my cuticles here. My nerves have a hard time, because there's an Journalism exam around the corner...'

'My next stop was Dutch drugstore Etos. I ran out of nailpolish remover, and because Etos have a remover with acetone which doesn't leaves white rims around my cuticles, I had to go there. It was only 1. I prefer acetone remover, cause a remover without is not getting my glitterpolishes off that easy. With acetone you're in one whipe done.'

'That's it for Random Januari Purchases.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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