Friday, January 4, 2013

Projects ~ Eye Make Up Clean Out Januari 2013

'A new year, a new start. Which means also a little clean out for some of my eye make up. Especially I try to get rid of eye shadows which are spoiled, hard to use, or I simply never reach for them. Just take a look, and let's make some space.'

'I start off with these 3 palettes of Max Cosmetics, which are available at the Dutch Action for only 0,75 each. The colors I want to get rid of are Jasmine, Lily and Lotus, cause I have better blues then Jasmine, and nicer purples, corals and whites like Lily. But the worst pigment has Lotus. The colors from that trio doesn't even show up on my lids. Overall are these shadows a little granular, so you have also fall out. For swatches you can always check <here>, <here>,  and <here>.'

'The other eye shadows are mostly by Catrice, and purchased mostly back in 2010/ 2011. The Papagena Birds Of A Feather Palette doesn't show up on my lids, and the yellow in it became greasy as you maybe noticed. It was 4,49, a real miss. You can check my earlier review on Youtube <here>.
The other 3 Mono shadows are Sunny We Love you, which is very granular, and not so pigmented. It falls off my lids very easily too. The blue one is called Ocean's 14, and creases quikly on my lids. It's also hard to blend. The last one is a purple one and called Heidi Plum. The package looks really nasty as you can see. This color also creases really bad on me and is also hard to blend. For these reasons I never grab these colors anymore. Besides that, I think these shadows are also spoiled. I paid for the single Catrice shadows 2,79, but Catrice raised the price of these shadows to 2,89. I don't want to purchase Catrice's newest single colors, cause sometimes they are a hit, and sometimes a miss.'

'I also decided to get rid of two liquid eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners doesn't work that great on my lids, I'm always in a fight with them. I like to use more the liners with an Japanese felt tip. I can't remember the price of the Catrice one, but it's all dried out. The Yves Rocher one is very thick and gloppy. It made my eyes a little heavy, and doesn't slide on that smooth. It came free in one of my Yves Rocher packages.'

'Last Eye Make Up I want to toss out, are these very old Long Lasting Eye Liner Pens by Catrice. Catrice discontinued these back in 2010, and I believe I purchased these way back in 2008 or 2009. Again, I can't remember the price of them. Colors are Talk Is Silver! and Puddle Of Mudd. These are so old, these doesn't even give you loads of color, and if they come off, they give you nice, granular pieces under the eyes. ^_^ Time to get rid of them, because they are very spoiled. I never reached for them now and in the past also. I don't own a lot of eye pencils, cause mostly I draw my eyeliner on with an thin brush and an eyeshadow color of my choice.'

'That's all I need to toss out. I'm glad that I'm very careful with purchasing make up, cause I don't want to spend my money on stuff I can't use. It's not my kind of hobby to waste things. Anyway. Happy that I don't have loads of clean outs till now.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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