Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reviews ~ Second Born Pretty Store Review : Kiss Beauty 16 Color Shimmer ES Palette #4

'My second review from Born Pretty Store is for the Kiss Beauty 16 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette. I choose this palette, to compare it a little to the Wynie Cosmetics ES Palettes, which you can find <here> and <here>. So let's take a look.'

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'First I want to say that this palette is strongly perfumed. If you are really sensitive for scents, I don't want to recommend this palette. But, the consistency is really smooth, and the shadows are really pigmented. In my case, I got shiny eyelids at the end of the day, but that's after wearing it at least 8 hours. It's great for beginners, and the palette is almost the same as the Wynie ones.'

'If you want to know more about the palette, you can check my video. Just click on the eye look.' ;)

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'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me. Born Pretty send me this for review purposes.'

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