Friday, January 25, 2013

Reviews ~ Max BB Cream Skin Perfection 3- in- 1 Cream (Action)

'Time to review one of my first BB Creams. I only had a BB Cream sample from Yves Rocher so far. The review for that, you will find <here>. It's the Max Cosmetics one, which is available at my local Dutch Action store. The full name is Max BB Cream Skin Perfection 3- in- 1 Cream. The package contains 25g, and is only €1,50. Let's see how this one works.'

'First a picture without anything on. I look horrible in the morning. I look very red. Do you see my blemishes.... Oh my paws.'

'Here a pic of the package, and a blob swatch on my hand. Looks pretty dark for a light color, but it matches my skin tone so far.'

'The first layer doesn't do a lot for my blemishes, as you can tell. I still look red.'

'Finally a pic with the final result. I used two thin layers here. Two layers looks better for sure.'

'Here I wear this BB Cream a lot heavier. That way it works way better as you maybe notice. In my case I need to use a powder over it when I'm wearing it that heavy, cause if I don't use powder, I look really shiny.'
Without powder... shineyyyyyy...
With powder...

'The product match my skin really good, but I think this Light variant isn't for the palest skins. First I thought I need the Medium, but even for me, Medium is too dark. Besides Medium and Light, Max has also one in Dark. I read a few blogs which wrote about this BB Cream, and someone wrote that the package is really small, only 25g. You could easy finish this product. 
First thin layer didn't do it for me. You still see a few blemishes and also the redness is still there. It goes better with two layers. On my face the product didn't make it to 8 hours, it slightly faded away. You don't need to powder your face after using this cream, but if you like to, you can.
There's also a little scent to the cream, which didn't annoy me. This scent doesn't stay all day, it goes away after an hour. Overall, for €1,50 it's an nice BB Cream which does the job. Also an good thing, there's SPF15 in it. I'm not sure if I would repurchase. I will try it at least two weeks before I decide to back up on things.'

'Pics are taken by mysels with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so nare with me.'

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