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Ask GlitterKitty ~ 25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me Tag

'I found this funny tag on QT-, a site from a girl wich do nail art just like me. I know her from a mini nailpolish swap and off course from Youtube: Creativenailart. From her I got my Astor polishes. Here are my 25 things you probably don't know about me.'

'I am from Holland. I was born in Delft, but I lived the first nine years of my life in Rijswijk, at the border of Den Haag. (The Hague) I was born with an big mole on my back, which disappeared when I went older. I live currently at the North part of Holland.'

'My grandparents from mothers side where born at Indonesia. My mum and dad are born in The Hague. I'm for 1/8 part Indonesian.'

'Technically, I am the oldest daughter. I had an two years older brother, but he died at an age of six. He struggled with cell cancer. I also have an younger brother, which is two years younger, and serve the Dutch army. I also have two younger sisters. The middle sister is nine years younger then me. With my youngest sister, I have an gap of 13 years.'

'In 2004, at an age of 20, I gave birth to an daughter, who doesn't live in the same house with us. She lives currently at her grandparents, but it's an way too long story to put here. I'm engaged since Januari 6th 2006. We're not sure when we're going to get married, because of family issues.'

'When we're getting married, we're living probably in Canada or Ireland. Our biggest wish is to leave Holland, and build a living elsewhere in the world.'

'My fiance asked me on stage at an Epica concert in Utrecht. The song they played after the big question was "The Phantom Agony". So that's why I choose nickname epicafan911 on Youtube when I started my channel in 2007.'

'My fiance lived the first two years of his life in the United Kingdom, but he's born, and later when he went back to Holland, further raised at the South side of Holland. He's having his own hosting company with his associate, which living in the United Kingdom. Together they work in the server business.'

'In 2003 I did an course Animal Care. We have one cat, his name is Gizmo. I was be able to ride horses at an age of six. My favorite horse I'd ever conveyed, was Sunny. Sadly enough I didn't ride any horses the past 6 years. I still love horse-riding, though.'

'I write (child) stories when I was 8 years old. I did an course Writing For Children in 2001. In 2009 my first Dutch book released here in Holland, and in that same year I started another hobby: Nail Art. I really suck at Nail Art. My ideas are clever (says my fiance) but the results not so.' 

'I'm an real language junkie. I hate it when people doesn't write or speak correctly, (especially in Dutch, it makes it worse when such people try to blog) love to read, and have an full shelf (or 10) filled up with books. At an age of 17 I did my first try to release an book here in Holland.'

I also collect cd's. I own around 500+ and like to store them by band/ singer and number. I also put my initials (SJM) on them. I really can't stand it if people lend my cd's or books, (like my younger brother did all the time) and I hate it when they forgot to bring them back.'

'I have the same problem with collecting nailpolish: I am an real sucker for Catrice Ultimate Laquers, and I should be getting nervous when Catrice release new colors. I promised myself to get all Catrice Ultimate Laquers, at least from the regular line years ago, and I really hate to break that promise. Generally I hate to break all promises. (and I learn my daughter to keep promises)'

'I am also weak when it comes to lipsticks. However, I'm really picky to buy them. When the scent, the color or consistency isn't good, I will toss them out, (or I put it in my make up back for a change to use it up) or simply don't buy them. That's why my lipstick collection stays mostly at the same amount.'

'Criminal Minds, GRIMM and currently discovered Game Of Thrones are my cup of tea, television wise. But you can also get me hooked on The Big Bang Theory, Band Of Brothers, Moonlight or Dr. Who.'

'My favorite candy to eat are (American) Jellybeans, while I'm having an passion for all kinds of tea, and (it sounds weird) I love spiders. I can't stand women who killed those little creatures, cause most of the times spiders are more afraid for us human beings. At least put those little fellows outside if you snap one in your home, cause they are profitable: after all they eat an more nasty bug called the mosquito. I really hate mosquito bites, it doesn't make me prettier. Spiders won't really hurt me. My love for spiders is big, but I don't keep an whole colony at home. (well maybe... I have a few plastic ones for decoration) I always put the very alive ones outside.' ^_^

'I have an strong curiosity for all kinds of religion. I don't stick to one, I'm trying to learn from all types of religion. Especially the last years I lose myself into Wicca and Paganism.'

'Honestly, I don't like to shop. I hate it the most when I need to go out and visit stores. Reason why I hate it mostly is because of the people which have a mentality of running in my way. I like web shopping more, especially if I can send it back if I don't like the stuff I bought. However, I'm weak to a few stores I need to visit outside the internet. Sometimes I need to go, so I whisper to myself.' ^_^

'I'm not that kind of person who's stick to one type of music. I love all kinds of metal, (alternative) rock and sometimes gothic the most, but I am open for other genres as well. I couldn't listen that long to the same genre, because I should getting bored too soon.'

'There are a few bands which stole my heart for a long time: Aerosmith and Epica off course. Also I'm for a long time fan from novelist Mr. Stephen King. Second favorite novelist of my choice is author duo Preston&Child. Especially the novels with Special Agent Pendergast are hilarious to read.  I like to read the most in the fantasy, horror or thriller genre. I'm obsessed with movies from Jerry Bruckheimer and I'm an fan of Johnny Depp.'

'Naturally am I an very impatient person. I don't like to do things at the last moment, and I hate to wait for the bus. I'm rather going to walk, even when it's an million miles away. I don't care how bad my shoes will be worn out. It gives me a reason to purchase online a fresh pair.' ^_^

'I'm pretty small for my age. I'm only under 1,50m, so people have the incentive to dwarf throw me, (in Dutch: "dwerg werpen") lol. That's how they like to call a small person here, a dwarf, please don't ask...' ^_^

'Most of the time I don't care for bad hair days. I don't have naturally perfect hair, so everyday is technically for me a bad hair day. I simply gave up all trouble about my hair. It's very thin, and sometimes never being cut in ages, because I don't see it when it's dead. However, I comb it every day, and wash it twice a week, so at least I try. I promised myself many times to get more often to the barber, but it's clearly not my biggest priority.'

'I wrote since 2001 English poems, which I called my "Lyrics" or "Spells". Writing these poems helped me through very hard periods of my life. If you're curious <here are my Purple Rose Petals>. Nowadays, I'm still writing these poems, but it goes not that fast like when I lived at the parental house.'

'You can recognize my hands based on the small size and two rings. On my right hand I wear a big rose ring, and on my left hand I wear a threesome roses. I wear both rings since 2005, and I didn't whore a lot of other rings since then.'

'Being an good Research Journalist is what I want to goal on in my life, besides an healthy and happy family with my daughter and fiance. (and probably more cute children) For now I keep dream on till my dream come true (Aerosmith told me to do that) and holding my head up while I'm working hard to get there.'

'It was a long journey to write this post. I needed at least 2 days to think about all these words and pictures, so I hope I didn't disappointed you.'

^_^ 'If you want to read more about me, <GlitterKitty's Bio is here>.' ^_^ 

'Pics are mostly taken and/ or owned by myself, excluding the Epica pic, the Wiccan Wheel Of The Year pic, the purple rose and the tag at the beginning of this post. All video's are taken from Youtube, and I want to thank all the owners from them.'


  1. Leuk dat je deze tag nu ook hebt gedaan! Ik hoop dat jullie dochtertje weer snel thuis komt bij jullie <3

    1. Dat hopen wij ook =D Dankjewel voor het lezen ;)


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