Monday, November 12, 2012

Purchases ~ Bargain Alert : Baolishi Lipsticks (1001 Voordeelshop) and Eveline Delia Coral Silk Nailpolish

'I am always on the hunt for lipsticks, and as always I couldn't leave it to visit the 1001 Voordeelshop in my town again. I'm glad I did, cause I came across very awesome lipsticks by an brand from Hongkong, China (if I'm not mistaken, the package says also that it is imported by Wirly Multigama Espana SL, so it could be from Spain as well) called Baolishi. I also visited an bargain shop here, called Wibra. I wasn't very fond on the Wibra in the past, but the reason I visited was because of an Nailpolish brand from Poland: Eveline Delia Cosmetics Coral Prosilk Line.'

'Look how cute these lipsticks are from Baolishi. They are only 1,50, a real bargain. The display claims that it is an 24 hour lipstick, but I need to test that first. When I tried to rub off the swatches, I noticed that the colors stained on my skin a little, so that's looks promising, right? Anyway, with a bit of lotion, the colors came off easy, so fingers crossed the colors stay on long. I love the package, wich comes also in pink and orange. (wich I want to pick up later on) Especially the black and green package looks really female. The yellow one looks cute because of the smiley. However, I think with the smiley Baolishi want to reach more girls at age of 10- 16, I think, cause when I Google around, I find more types Baolishi Lipsticks. In the end it's all because of the product, and I think there's nothing wrong with the product. The consistency is really smooth, and the product smells really good. If the product want to stay long on my lips, am I more than happy anyway.'

'Now on to the Eveline Delia Cosmetics Coral Prosilk Nailpolish from Poland. I bought this at a shop here in Holland called the Wibra. It is a shop with an low reputation, mostly residual quantity's from other shops are sold there, and sometimes you will find unusual stuff from abroad, like this nailpolish from Poland. It was only 1,50, also an bargain, and it's nr. 146, a bright Smurfs blue. On the pic I wear two coats. I think it isn't too bad. Drytime is normal, coverage is nice. I whore this 2-3 days without that much tipwear, so I'm happy. Also, no staining so far. I think I like it.'

'So far this mini purchase. I hope you enjoyed it.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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