Saturday, November 10, 2012

Purchases ~Yves Rocher November 2012

'Finally I find some time to share my current Yves Rocher Purchase for november. I shouldn't purchase that much anymore from YR, cause mostly they bummed me out. But as always, YR came out with an new Limited Edition Les Plaisirs Nature: Apple Delight. So that made me a little curious. Here's what I purchased.'

'The first thing I picked was this set by Les Plaisirs Nature in Apple Delight. I'm a sucker for their Les Plaisirs Nature LE's, especially their latest ones from summer 2012. This set contains a Bad and Showergel, a Eau de Toilette 20ml, a cute christmassy bag, a puff and a tiny fizzy bath cube. It was only 9,90. I need to say: I sniffed the perfume and it smells delish! No bummer yet.'

'I am so glad I picked an second bottle of the Les Plaisirs Nature Apple Delight perfume 20ml. It was 3,50. I also picked finally an Coconut Lipbalm for only 1,75, cause sometimes I have enough from my regular Almond one. So I hope at least the coconut one is good as well. And I couldn't help myself: I picked also an Cream Lipsick in Rose Alba for 10,45, a little too pricey cause mostly I pay 7,45 for my YR Cream Lipsticks. Oh well, at least I like the formula...'

'I also got some free things. YR gave me an So Elixir Perfume worth 25... again. So now I have two bottles for free and I really don't like this scent. :( It smells like old lady's when I spray it on my skin (I got an mini sample for my birthday a year or so ago) and I don't know. It is the first bummer of this package.
I got also two samples (while I marked on my purchase 3 samples) One is a sample of their BB Cream and the other is an sample from their Flowerparty Perfume, wich I like, but still, I wish they gave me more product samples wich I never tried. I hope their BB cream is good.' 

'Lastly, this fleece plaid for 2,95. I am also a big sucker for fleece plaids, and I think the little bag where it came in, is cute too.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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