Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reviews ~ Baolishi 24 Hour Lipstick in #5

'Not so long ago I purchased a few Baolishi 24 Hour Lipsticks. Now is the time to review one, and my choice is #5 with the green package. If some girls are interested in reviewing the other colors, just comment below.' 

'Nr. 5 is an dark, plummy-reddish fall color, which is perfect for this time of year. The coverage and pigmentation really surprised me.'

Freshly Lipsticked Pout

After One Hour

After Two Hours

After Four Hours, A Few Glasses Of Icetea And Before Dinner

After Six Hours And After Dinner

'Conclusion: The box in the store claimed that the lipstick will stay on for 24 hours, but clearly it doesn't stay on for the 24 hours. As you can see the color fade away after four hours and a few glasses of icetea. If I didn't drink, I'm convinced that it will last me at least six hours, if I take a look at the staining. I do recommend to use a lipbalm before applying this lipstick, (or you can put a gloss on top) cause like you maybe noticed, after two hours my lips seems to be matte and a little drying. However, the lipstick goes on nice and smoothly, not hard or with loads of struggling. Right after five hours and my icetea moment, my lips feel like parchment and not really comfy. So I recommend you to use a (tinted) lipbalm or gloss during the day. (or you re apply a few times) I think the stain power is amazing for the price (1,50). I like this lipstick, but I need to re apply more often to get me through the day. Personally I will purchase more of these lipsticks, cause for the price, color selection, pigmentation and package you can't beat it.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile phone, during the day. Please bare with some pics, I know they aren't perfect.'

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