Thursday, November 15, 2012

Favorites ~ A Few Lipton Teas I Love

'I thought I put another Favorites posts to you out there. It's not a big secret: I have a tea problem sometimes. I did a favorites post for Arizona allready, now it's time to share a few favorites from tea brand Lipton.'

'My most loved and purchased flavor ever: Russian Earl Grey. I love to drink this flavor in the morning, all year round.'

'Just discovered: Green Tea Jasmine Petals. This tea gives me peace and makes me really calm when I am stressed out.'

'Another jummy flavor: Tahiti, wich have a very tropical taste. Flavors are vanilla and pineapple and I mostly drink this one in summer.'

'Kashmir Valley is one I drink a lot in the Fall, because of the cinnamon flavor. The rose leaves gives this flavor a real unique taste. I currently don't have a box of this one in my stash, so I think it's time to get one. At the moment my Dutch grocerystore Albert Heijn sells all flavors for only 0,99. Normally a box is between 1-3 depending on the flavor.' 

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, except for the Lipton logo and Kashmir Valley Tea pic: thanks to the owner.'


  1. Wow, Sas, I love tea so much!
    I drink tea everyday <3
    Really curious with the Tahiti one.
    The only one that I have is Lipton Vanilla Tea but I will looking forward for another flavors =D

    1. The Tahiti One is Pineapple Vanilla awesomeness! ;) I bought recently their White Tea and Warming Apple as well... those are really yummy too... but the Kashmir Valley was sold out after the auction from past week =D


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