Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Projects ~ Simple Concert Eyes: Soft Blackened Lilac, using MUA and Sleek Palettes

'It's time for another eye look I created recently for another concert. I visited not so long ago a concert from deathmetal band Cradle Of Filth as an concertreporter. My Dutch readers can read my report from the concert <here> Sadly enough it's my last concert for the time being as an reporter. I didn't fit the style of my local music broadcast, so that's why I had to quit. However, I got nice compliments on my Dutch writing, but it simply didn't fit. So, continue with another project as an journalist.' 
'Anyway. Here's my look I did for my last concert for the time being.'
Pic is a little hazy... sorry!

'After I primed my eyes with Essence Eyebase, I took an round shaped brush like on the picture (unknown brand). I dipped it into this taupe/ lilac color from the Starry Night Palette by MUA.'
'I darkened the crease a bit with an small blendingbrush by Make Up Studio, along the black from the same MUA Starry Night Palette.'
'Next I took my Elf Blendingbrush, and Cappucino from my Sleek Au Naturel Palette, to swipe it lightly under my brows.'
'To finish the eyes, I used a black felt tip Eyeliner from Catrice close to my lashes on my lid. Also used from Catrice on my waterline a mini khol pencil in black, (came in one of my Big City Life Palettes) and Volume+ Curl Mascara.'
'Time for some blush by Catrice (Terra Brown, discontinued) and some Yves Rocher CreamLipstick. (Tomette, I'm not sure if this one is still available)'

'There it is, my finished look I whore to Cradle Of Filth... I can't look into your brains offcourse, but I hear you think: "This is what you whore to Cradle Of Filth???? Not that spectaculair for an Deathmetalband..." Well, I was there for work in the first place, not to impress Dani Filth and his band... The only female member of the band need to teach me some deathmetal make up, lol, allthough I'm not sure if she wear any by herself. I couldn't see that because of the smoke. And the other members dissipated me with their faces. Hmmm, I think I can learn from their make upz anyway...' 

Picture belongs to Miss Tiffany Peters, I don't own it... so, all credits to her!

I have an video up by myself, but sadly enough, my cell didn't record the sound. You can find my Cradle Of Filth concert video <here> and <here>.

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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