Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ask GlitterKitty ~ Nailpolish and Me Tag

'I came across a very funny tag, which I spotted on I'm an big nailpolish junkie, so time to know me better with this Nailpolish and Me Tag.'

1. How many nailpolish do you have at the moment?
'I just counted them. I have at this moment 268.'

2. From which brand do you own the most?
'Without any doubts: Catrice! I have from Catrice 133, including my Limited Editions, and excluding my Tippaint Striper. Wynie Laca De Unas is an nice runner up with 15 bottles, while OPI ends on the 3th place with 11 bottles. A shared 4th place is for Mavala and NYC In A Minute with their 10 bottles.'
Not on any pic yet: two Catrice Limited Edition laquers, one from feMale and one from Coolibri.
Wynie Laca De Unas
NYC In A Minute

3. Which color is most appeared in your nailpolish collection?
'That's an hard one. I have the inclines to buy loads of purples, yellows, and minty colors. If I need to say one, I think it's purple.'

4. Are there any colors or finishes you don't own?
'I think I have most colors and finishes. I do not own a lot of glitters, nude or milky colors.'

5. Which nailpolish do you wear the most?
'I wear loads of Catrice Ultimate Laquers. Most whore color is defenately purple. But I don't know which color I whore the most. I think it's OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.'

6. From which polishes do you think "Why the heck didn't I throw these out earlier..."?
'My Essence ones. Probably I didn't throw these out because the fact that these are limited editions, where I try to find an dupe for. These polishes I didn't count to my entire collection, and never show up on my Pawpolish Collection Page. Hmmm, I think to toss them out now, cause I found an nice dupe for both of them. Essence ones are be able to kill my nails to badly...'


7. Do you use a basecoat?
'Well, duhhh. I try to do anything to keep my nails healthy.'

8. Do you use a topcoat?
'Not always. Depends on the lasting power of the to use brand. When using OPI or Catrice, I only use two coats of the color besides my basecoat. No topcoat.'

9. Stamping or free hand nail art?
'Defenately free hand nail art! I don't have the patient to figure out the best cheap alternative nailpolishes for stamping. I have a cheap, little stamping set, which claims that stamping is quik and easy... yeah, if you know which polishes besides Konad works... Mostly the image don't transfer that well on my stamper. So, basicly I gave the whole stamping party up... I totally like free hand nail art.'
Glasses Of Beer Nail Art
Famous Paintings

First two pics contains my old blog...

10. Do you like glitters, shimmers, or do you prefer cream finishes?
'Cream finishes. But when the fall comes in, I like to use dark shimmery or metallic ones too. I'm not so fond of glitters, because they don't come off that easily.'

11. Are you feeling bare without nailpolish?
'Oh yeah. I have mostly a feeling that my nails easy damage without. But sometimes I need to air them and let them recover.'

12. How many nailpolish did you purchase the last week?
'Not one. I'm very picky lately, and we're on a point of moving out the old house.'


'That's it. Please feel free to do this tag if you're a nailpolish-a-holic too.'

'Pics are taken by myself the past years. Some pics are taken from Google. Thanks to their owners.'

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