Monday, November 19, 2012

Collections ~ Lipstick Collection 2012

'I had to update my Lipstick Collection as well. It changed a lot in comparison to my collection in 2011, and like you maybe read about me, I'm very picky about lipsticks. Time to take a look on what I have now.'

'First batch of lipsticks are the Catrice ones. Left you see two Ultimate Shine Lipsticks, and as you maybe noticed, I toss out a lot of  the Ultimate Shines, cause after a while they are going to smell really bad. I don't like the smell of them anyway, but I decided to keep two colors I like to wear on special occasions. The other seven are from the Ultimate Colour line, wich I like more.'
Left to right ~ 
Ultimate Shine: Berry Me! and Stoplight (both discontinued) 
Ultimate Color: Breakfast At Tiffany's (discontinued), Tell Me A Berry Tail, Ginger and Fred, Maroon 20, Pink Me Up, My Red Card, and Princess Peach

'Next I have a few Catrice Limited Editions, which I'm afraid to touch, lol. I'm still on the hunt for some good dupes. Bloody Red is the perfect matte red lipstick for me without drying my lips to bad during the day.'
Left to right ~
Urban Baroque: Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth and Victoria
Revoltaire: Bloody Red

'These lipsticks I have for ages. These are an old line by Catrice as well, and it's discontinued. However, I still love them, they are so soft and creamy. Catrice came out with an Ultimate Shine color in Gentle Nude is back, but nehhh, I don't have inclines to pick it up...'
Left to right ~
Gentle Beige, Noisette Coctail, Gentle Nude, Dark Burgundy, Indian Brown, Spicey Coral

'There's not so much changed for my NYX Round Lipstick Collection. Here are the ones I want to wear most, and are easy to wear for me. Favorite color is Black Cherry, but I like Mauve and Taupe too.'
Left to right ~
Mauve, Taupe, Stone, Pecan, Black Cherry, Raisin

'Off course I have also some harder to wear NYX ones. I use them mixed with other lipsticks mostly.'
Left to right ~ 
Circe, Cream, Aphrodite, Eggplant, Bruised, Helio

'Now a few newer ones by Barry M and Sleek. I love both brands and I defenately planned to get more colors. Currently I love Sleek in Taupe, it's the perfect lilacy/ brown color.'
Left to right ~
Barry M:  Pink Suede and Mulberry
Sleek: Taupe (regular) and Peaches&Cream (sheen)

'My MUA lipstick collection has also grown a bit. I want more of the Lipbooms MUA they came out with, because it's such an nice product.'
Left to right ~
Shade 2, Shade 9, Shade 11 and Lipboom in LMK (Let Me Know)

'My Yves Rocher Cream Lipstick Collection has grown the most. Past year I had only one Limited Edition package in Mauve, now I have a few more and also from the regular line.'
Left to right ~
Limited Editon: Mauve, Tomette and Rose (with back up)
Regular: Orange Hibiscus, Rose Alba and Mauve Pensee

'Here I have also some random lipsticks from Essence, NYC and LA Girl. The Essence ones I bought because of the package which reminds me of MAC. I'm not sure if I like NYC lipsticks, because it smells like crayons. I love the color, but I mix it mostly. I still try to get my hands on more of the LA Colors Cream lipsticks, cause I really love the texture on these.'
Left to right ~
Essence: Limited Edition 50's Reloaded in I'm Sailing and Back To The 50's.
NYC in Sugar Plum
LA Girl Cream Lipstick in Rendesvouz

'My most recent lipstick find are these by Baolishi. I love the scent, texture, and their color selection. They could be a bit drying, but that's easy solved with lipbalm or gloss. I planned to get more in the future, because they are cheap too. And the package is really cute.'
Left to Right ~
Nr.5, Nr.9 and Nr. 8

'Finally my cheapest brand Max Lips. You can buy them at the Action here in Holland and they have the same sort of package like the LA Colors ones. These are my not so favorite brand I own, but the colors mentioned on the picture at least I want to wear. Purple Pink is an back up, and I'm on the hunt for a color like it, because I really hate the package, which falls really easy into pieces.'
Left to right ~
Purple Pink, Retro Red, Pink Blush and Terra

'And that's it for my lipsticks in 2012. I hope you like it. If you have any questions, please comment below.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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