Saturday, June 23, 2012

Most Awesome Shops ~ 1001 Voordeelshop The Netherlands

'It's time for a new item on GlitterKitty's ShoppingHunt: GlitterKitty's Most Awesome Shops. Now first I wan to start with one of my most favorite cheap shops at the moment, the dutch 1001 Voordeelshop. If you ever going on vacation to Holland, be sure you also visit the north side, cause this shop is for me Nailpolish, Make Up and Nail Art Heaven for less. That's why I made this post: to inform you what they have to offer, and guide you around a little.


'Okay, if we're walking in, you start mostly at the middle of the shop, so on the left side. On the left side there are at the moment tons of nailpolishes by Wynie Cosmetics, and Ivsty Cosmetics, wich are both imported by Wirly Multigama Espana SL. They sell also Easy Paris Laca de Unas, wich I bought earlier <here> and <here>. Those polishes are only 1,50, a real steal. I think I need to pick up some of the Wynie and Ivsty polishes soon, so keep an eye out for Wynie and Ivsty purchases here on GlitterKitty's ShoppingHunt. You will find also at the same shelf at the left side some make up products if we walk further, but I couldn't get an good pic of that part. You have blushes, faceproducts, nail files, and tattoos on that part also, if I'm not mistaken.'

'Then we're keep walking and we're going left. Basicly, next is the shelf at the other side, wich contains tons of make up by Wynie Cosmetics, Ivsty Cosmetics, Easy Paris and some Japanese brands. On the highest shelf we find mostly Japanese mascara's at the moment. On the lowest shelf we find tons of nail art supplies: glitters, stickers, rhinestones, sequins, fimoslices, and many, many more. I'm terribly sorry if I forgot something, but when you're there, you missing a pair of extra eyes. Anyway, at the end of the same shelf you will find also everything for acrylic or gel nails. They sell also practice fingers, clippers, and nailpolish wheels for cheap. And not to forget: crackle and striper polishes.'

'1001 Voordeelshop also sell wigs. I don't have an good pic of those wigs too, so I apologize.  This shop also sells gifts, computer supplies, and a lot more nice items. For more info about the shop you can click <here>. The information is in Dutch, but you can translate it with Google Translate. Here's some practical information about how to reach the shop.'

Store Adress: 
Voorstreek 59
8911 JK Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Phone: 058- 2162138
Mobile phone: 0031/ 06 - 81881988

'Most of you should be arrived at the Schiphol Airport if you're visiting Holland. Here are some maps. You could also take the train Schiphol - Leeuwarden and then take the citybus. Please, click on the pics to enlarge them.'

Schiphol Airport Netherlands
Route Schiphol Airport - Leeuwarden Netherlands
1001 Voordeelshop Leeuwarden, Netherlands

'1001 Voordeelshop sells also online, but they don't ship worldwide yet. They only ship out to The Netherlands and Belgium at the moment. If you're not be able to visit The Netherlands: I'm thinking about swapping, so if you're interested in doing a swap with me, please hit the Contact GlitterKitty button at the left menu. Because of my safety, I will not swap with everyone, keep that in mind.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me. I got permission to take the shop pics from the nice cash lady of the 1001 Voordeelshop.'

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