Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wishlist ~ Cheap Shopping Ideas June 2012

'I came across a lot of cheap goodies, that I had to make this Cheap Shopping Ideas for the month June. Most things are from the UK brand Superdrug, wich is since a short time available at Dutch drugstore Trekpleister. I allready picked a few things up during the 40% off sale from last week, purchase post about that is coming soon. Here are my Cheap Shopping Ideas for June.'

'The first things I spotted is from UK brand Superdrug at my local Trekpleister. Last week they did an 40% discount to introduce this brand here, and like I said I picked a few things up allready. I decided to put some Superdrug goodies on this list as well. You see, I have to finish some products first, before I go more crazy wit this. Till now I'm really satisfied with Superdrug. The only thing I didn't spot was the Vitamine E Skin Oil, I really hope in future they got that one too.'
From up to down: Naturals Mango & Papaya Bodybutter 2,50, Naturals Cocnut & Sheabutter Bathmilk €1,99, Tea Tree Moisturizer 3,99, Simply Pure Face Scrub 2,99 and Vitamin E Skin Oil ?.

'Then I walked by NYC too this week, cause Trekpleister did another discount: buy one get one free on all Nailpolishes. I did pick up a few polishes (purchase comes along my Superdrug buy), but I also came by these two products as well, so I put these on the list too'
Up to down: NYC Liquid Lipshine Lipglosses 2,99 each and NYC Duet Eyepencils 2,99.

'I got an great idea to try out any dry shampoo, and I came across this one by Batiste. I put it for that reason on this list. I think I start off with the original one, cause I heard good reviews on it.'
Batiste Dryshampoo Fullsize Kruidvat 3,99.

'I'm also in need for an new kind of lipbalm, and these Labello's caught my eyes. I used a lot Yves Rocher Lipbalms, so it's defenately time for another one. The Pure&Natural ones are on this list.'
Labello's 2,99 each

'I'm also almost out of my favorite Nail oil, wich is discontinued. I'm sad. I'm glad that I found this one by Essence, wich I want to give a try as well.'
Essence Studio Nails Caring Nail Oil Kruidvat around 1,99.

'So far my Cheap Shopping Ideas for June. If I see more nice and cheap things, I will put it also on a list.'

'All pics are Googled on the internet, I don't own any of these pics, so thanks to their owners.'

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