Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Purchases ~ MUA Online Store

'Today my MUA Online Store Package came in, YAY! I placed my order on thursday 31st of May, so it came pretty quik. Now, I live in Holland, MUA is an UK brand, so practically we are neighbors... if you live somewhere else in the world, it could be taking a bit longer. I saw someone from the US who purchased something, and she had to wait for 3 weeks... anyway, let's take a look what I got.'

'Let's start with my palettes. I ordered Starry Night and PopTastic for £4 each. I got the Glamour Days Palette for free, hooray!'

'I also ordered these two Nailvarnishes for £1 each. I love the Nailvarnishes from MUA, they are pretty pigmented, and they don't stain my nails. Depending on using a topcoat, it last very well too. I got them in shade 5, an minty color and 22 a deep purple. I had allready two of those in shade 7 and 8, both reds.'

'Offcourse I had to order one of the Alexandra Burkes LipBooms, where I paid £3 for. I have the color Let Me Know, or better LMK. It's an deep, matte purple lipstick with an pinkish lipgloss, and in the bottom an lipcream in the same color as the lipstick, but as you might see, my camera doesn't any justice.'

'Shipping was for me £4,95 to Holland, but it might be a little more if you live somewhere else in the world. Because I was a little curious, I decided to try some colors of the Starry Nights Palette. I used shade 1 in the inner corner of the lid, shade 2 in the outer V, and shade 3 under my brows. Again, here my camera also doesn't any justice.'

'Pics are taken by myself, with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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