Friday, June 22, 2012

Projects ~ Everything Bling

'It all started with pimping my Waterstreet Blue Nails by NYC. For a long time I didn't a lot with my nail art supplies. It all start itching again: I had to use rhinestones past week. I decided to stick on some silver rhinestones on that summer- ish blue, and as you can see, it failed a little. It had supposed to be curved on the smile line of the nails, but now it seems it turn out like the rhinestones drunk too much.' 

'Anyway. I had to do it nicer, and I decide to make an easy nail art video again. Also an good excuse to use that black glitter by Easy Paris, along with some square purple rhinestones. My latest Easy Nail Art video is called Elegant & Easy Goth Nails, and this is what it looks like.'
Easy Paris Laca de Unas Glitter in #156

'I start off thinking after that video: I wanted to make an white version of my Elegant & Easy Goth Nails. Halloween isn't on the corner yet, so an summer version should be cool. I took this white striper by Janet Cosmetics, and Oh My Paws... a disaster sneaked in that evening.'
 Easy Paris Laca de Unas Glitter in #148

'The white striper was way too thick, so I wait at least 30 minutes after applying my Essence Dry Drops. Because of the way too thick and gloppy look, I desided too file my tips a little, but it seems that after the 30 minutes I waited and used drydrops, the striper still wasn't dry. Disappointment came in, and I took of the whole design. This was the horrible result.'

'I ended up with this that night, cause I was sure I needed desperately some bling that evening. Oh well, better luck next time...'
Easy Paris Laca De Unas in #470

'Click <here> for more swatches from Easy Paris Laca de Unas.'

'Pics are taken at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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