Sunday, June 10, 2012

Purchases ~ May / June 2012 Purchases Superdrug, Nailpolishes and Some Make Up

'Sometimes I feel like an hoarder, and sometimes I'm in need to collect here and there some random things. The next things are some cheap and affordable stuffies I collect randomly over the past months May and June.'

'Like I blogged earlier, I picked up some Superdrug goodies with 40% off, and I came home with the Simply Pure SPF 15 Face Cream, wich was 2,10 instead of 3,50. The other thing from Superdrug is an Tea Tree Blended Oil, wich smells absolutely divine. At least for me. If you don't like the smell of old books, then this isn't a product for you. I don't know how much I paid, but the actual price of this blended oil is 2,99. The other things you see on the pics are free samples from John Frieda, Dove and L'Oreal.'

'I was such on an Nailpolish kick these two months, wich is funny, cause I updated GlitterKitty's PawPolish Collection Page a month earlier... sigh. Oh well, I did fix it again. That page is keeping me busy, lol. On the pic from left to right: Catrice FeMale LE C04 So Suit!, Saffron London #55, Only You 113 Banana Split/ 316 Miami Vice, and NYC In A Minute Waterstreet Blue/ Sidewalkers. Anyway, here are some swatches.'
One coat Catrice FeMale LE C04 So Suit! , normal price was 2,50, I got it for only 1.
Two Coats C04 So Suit!
Two coats Saffron London #55 1,99
Only You (available at Ici Paric NL) 316 Miami Vice, 4,95 Two coats
Only You 113 Banana Split, 4,95 One coat
NYC 296 Waterstreet Blue, 2,29, got it with Buy one Get One Free at Trekpleister, I also got Sidewalkers, wich I didn't whore yet

'I also collected a few make up items. On the pic you see an Catrice Revoltaire LE Lipstick in C03 Bloody Red, wich was normal 3,99, but I got it for 2,50 at Trekpleister. It's an matte red lipstick, and I had to have it. So lucky that I found it with discount. Up next you see an Catrice Volume+ Curl mascara wich was 3,49. I was in need for an new mascara. I'll see how I like it. Lastly you see an Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadowbase. A youtuber raged about it, so I had to pic it up. It was only 2,50 at Kruidvat. I used allready one time, and I like it. I didn't see any creasing so far, so that's good.'

'So far these May / June Purchases. I planned to get some more Superdrug and other things, so stay tuned.' ^_^

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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