Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Projects ~ Catrice Ultimate Laquer Swatches Part 3: #820 - #860

'Finally, time for the last swatches of the newest Catrice Ultimate Laquers. Click <here> for Part 1, with swatches from 690 Fred Said Red, 700 Birdy Reloaded, 710 Dulce&Havanna, 720 Bruno Brownani and 740 King Of Greens. Click <here>, for Part 2 with 770 Put Lavender On Agenda, 780 Welcome to Roosywood, 790 The Pinky and The Brain, 800 Heavy Metallilac and 810 ACid/DC. And as I always say: I know, a lot of blogs did allready (way better) swatches, but I'm a real Catrice Ultimate Laquer Junkie, so I had to made these swatches. Here are colors 820 - 860.'
820 Pimp My Shrimp
830 Salmon&Garfunkel
840 Genius In The Bottle
850 Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K
860 Browno Mars

'I made also an Catrice Ultimate Laquers Obsession Continues Again video. This was also the last part with newer Catrice Ultimate Laquers for now. If Catrice comes out with newer Ultimate Laquers in their regular line, I defenately want to swatch them for you. And if I buy Limited Editions in the future, I also want to show them.' 


'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me. I'm terribly sorry for painting my nails not so neath on some pics.'

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