Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wishlists ~ Eyes Lips Face (ELF)

'Here's another wishlist. This time I made one for ELF Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face). In the past I got allready some ELF goodies, but the reason why I made this list, is because I want to stock up a few things.'

'My al time favorite 1 thing is defenately the ELF Eyeprimer. Depending on where you live, it's only 1, $1 or £1,50. I love this eyebase so much because it last most of my eyeshadows seriously all day. It don't crease, smudge or slip on my eyes. This is the product wich I want to stock up a lot.'

'Another 1 item, is the Hypershine Gloss. In the past an old friend purchased this gloss for me, but the shade was too light for me, so I had to skip it. Now the shade Sugarplum is on my wishlist for ELF.'

'Omfgh the next item I defenately need to have, cause I'm such an book nerd. This item is called the Little Black Beauty Book Eye Edition. You can choose between an warm and cool eyeshadow palette, and the price is only 5. On the pic I showed the cool version, cause that's the one wich caught my eyes.'

'Another 1 item is this Eye Crease Brush wich I also want to stock up on. This brush is seriously one of my most used brushes.'

'The next item also caught my eyes. They are the Essential 3-Piece Nailpolish Set. Basicly you get 3 colors for only 3. That's way better then the 2,50 polishes wich where 1 before. (Bummer!) Anyway here are some favorite of these Essential sets.' 
Vacation Trio
Beach Party
Beautiful Bright

'I found also these eyeshadow palettes for only 2,50 each. They remind me a bit of the Wet 'n Wild Palettes. Sea Escape is my favorite out of the bunch, cause I'm into blues lately.'
Sea Escape
Party Purple
Tantalizing Taupe

'I also noticed this Ultimate Eye set for 5. You get an cute Eyeshadow Palette with six shades, an Eyeshadow Base, a mascara and an Eyepencil. I'm mostly curious about the eyeshadow palette itself.'

'I also love this Spring Edition 32 Eyeshadow Palette in Cool for only 6. There's also an warm Spring Edition.'

'Lastly this blush from their Studio Line. It's in Clandid Coral, and it's 4. Hopefully it doesn't make me an discobal, cause I really hate an glittery face.'

'So far this list. If anything change, because I order something of this list, I will keep this updated.'

'Pics are taken by ELF Cosmetics, so thanks to the owner.'

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